Saturday, July 14, 2007

More Harvard War Criminals

Tom Hayden has an essay posted July 14th on The Nation's website. Still more evidence of the sheer indifference of Harvard to its stuff-shirt motto: "Veritas" or "truth" -- of course, if they put that in scare quotes, they'd be closer to genuine truth. Or perhaps "truth in the service of power".

Add, then, the Carr Center for Human Rights to the list that already included the Center's home, the Kennedy School of Government. And don't forget the Harvard Business School, the Law School, and so on. The Business School entertained Israel's Bomber Harris -- Dan Halutz, the IDF architect of Israel's 2006 crimes in Lebanon.

The Law School, of course, is the home of the plagiarist and bigot Alan Dershowitz. And the Kennedy School has a long history of welcoming a wide gamut of minor and major war criminals. Guatemalan war criminal Hector Gramajo received a Master's in Public Administration in 1991. Doron Almog was a senior fellow in 2004. (Almog was subject to a 2005 arrest warrant in London on suspicion of war crimes.)

Minor war criminal Michael Ignatieff resided there until crawling back under a rock in Canada.

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