Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Get Real, Mikey

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been caught in one of his own lies. This is the mayor who berates New Yorkers for griping about the commute. In The World According to Mike, he knows just what it's like to drag yer ass across the city to work. He takes the subway to City Hall. So he says.

Not quite so says The New York Times. Turns out that his holiness hizonner has his minions drive him in an SUV caravan 22 blocks to the nearest express subway stop. Mikey is too important to walk five minutes from his 79th Street mansion to the nearest local stop.

How many goons cover his sorry ass on the subway, the Times doesn't say.

Poor Mikey, it's tough being a billionaire mayor of New York. Nobody understands just how much more important he is than everybody else.

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