Monday, January 12, 2009

Send in the Clowns!

Now that our Old Glorious Leader is about to be replaced by a New Glorious Leader, it's time for America's History Machine to go into full gear. It goes without saying the America Makes No Mistakes, thus history must be conformed to Truth (capital T). For Truth, people go to Elite Universities, watch Great American Networks, read Great American Newspapers, and heed Great American Thinkers. Thus, no American need ever be burdened by the burden of the Thinking or troubled by fact, fiction, or any other thing beginning with any other letter.

In the great American Tradition of peanut butter, cigarettes, and the Ford Edsel, brilliant American Thinkers and Arbiters of Truth, Tom Brokaw and David McCullough, offer the first Great History of the Bush Presidency — GAP — The Greatest American President.

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