Monday, November 9, 2009

The Balance of EVIL (Pure, Not from Concentrate)!

New York City's two tabloids, The Daily News and The New York Post, both splash news of the Fort Hood mass murder across their front pages. "Evil!" the watchword. I'm struck by the American Sense of Evil, particularly that of the American Right Wing, the Arrrrwwww!

Personally, I think there is such a thing as evil. The architects of Nazi mass murder were evil. I would say those who attack a population with every reason to believe that civilians, including children, will be the principle victims are evil. (Here I have in mind the likes of Henry Kissinger, Condoleeza Rice, Benjamin Netanyahu, Dick Cheney, among others.)

So I do not object in principle to the characterization of people or their acts as evil. I just find the Right Wing Sense of Evil strange, disturbing. The 'mainstream' of American thinkers and certainly the right would strongly object to my calling Kissinger or Cheney evil, so who knows, they might say the same of me.

Let's review, beginning with Monday, November 9th's, newspapers:

Also evil, according to the right wing:
  • national healthcare, bringing an end to private health insurance;
  • moving "In God We Trust" to a less central location on American coins;
  • higher taxes of any kind (except sales taxes);
  • any who criticize the United States in any thorough-going way (as opposed to criticizing elements of the US, like liberals or taxes);
  • environmental conservation;
  • anyone who votes against the Republican Party line (witness the response to Rep. Cao's vote for the health care reform bill)
More soon.....

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