Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Newest Mandarins [in progress]

George Packer, Michael O'Hanlon, David Brooks, Ross Douthat, Kenneth Pollack,....

These are among the Yes-Men in the realm between actual policy-makers and the public. They rarely if ever offer original thinking. They instead practice the art of balancing, positioning, triangulating to ensure their greatest possible acceptability to the mainstream — the received wisdom.

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Mike McShea said...

I believe there is now what I label as "Boutique Journalism" whereby the tradtional newspaper online is like Saks or Bloomingdales. The store owns the space and sublets it to individual boutique sellers, Perfume, jeans, shoes. It, the Department stores are now like every farmers market in the world.

In the journalism end, these writing whores get paid to write a journalistic PR piece by specific interests. They rent space on the News site, quarantee hits for the Newspapers' advertisers and pocket any profit for themselves. They in no way are jourmalists by any classical sense of the definition.