Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bloomberg Building Bull

New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg fought the EPA designation of Brooklyn's Gowanus Canal as a Superfund site. Bloomberg claimed that he could bring his business genius to bear and get the cleanup done faster for less money. So let's review the Mayor's great successes in development across the city:
  • 2012 Olympics
  • West side stadium
  • Atlantic Railyards
  • Greenpoint 50-year oil spill
  • Kingsbridge Armory Mall in the Bronx
  • Numerous worker accidents, including deaths, that Bloomberg brushed off with "accidents happen."
And the very finest example of Mike Bloomberg's masterful shepherding of development in the city:
  • World Trade Center reconstruction, barely begun nine years after the attacks. By contrast, the Empire State Building was constructed (under Democrats) in less than 1 year and a half.
What the mayor really wants is the freedom to ignore safety, ignore environmental laws and make more of the sweetheart deals for his wealthy friends — the only thing he has really proved adept at in his years as mayor. If Mike Bloomberg had any more crap coming out of his mouth, he'd be a Superfund site.

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