Tuesday, December 30, 2008

America is Shovel-Ready!

Shovel-ready. What the fuh does that mean? Man, I hope Obama is more than a mouth full of words. Shovel-ready.

Let us consider. What do we shovel?

Maybe too few Americans have ever even seen a picture of a farm. Plenty there to shovel. Get my drift?

I used to live in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn. Before the super-duper new sewage treatment facility — making the neighborhood safe for overpaid Wall Street type pole-up-the-ass Manhattanistas — you could smell all that was shovel-ready on a 'nice' summer day. (Actually, those Manhattanites need a hose up the ass to ship everything that was 'shovel-ready' to us dumbasses in the outer boroughs. And with the new Bloomberg-Paterson proposals, we're going to get plenty more 'shovel-ready'.)

And Greenpoint, so aptly named, was also ground zero for the largest oil spill in human history, still going after 50 years. Couldn't shovel it, but you sure as hell could smell it and drink it — in Greeeenpoint.

Shovel-ready. Lawrence Summers. Timothy Geithner, Rahm Emanuel. Eric Holder, Robert Gates — all shovel-ready.

What else do we shovel? Coal into the furnace. The way the government and corporate leaders have been treating We The People, I guess We are shovel-ready. Bailout the billionaires. Shovel the rest of us into the economic oven. Ouch. But, daaaamn, that's what they're doing. Can anybody deny it?

But let's just take the shovel Obama and Company have in mind. The Shovel of Progress! The Shovel of Economic Renewal! Onward, Through Difficulties, to the Broad Sunlit Uplands of The Future. Future, heaven of the poor [and 1, 2]. Our finest hour is at hand. . . . or at least, their finest hour.

This is the Culture of They. They make decisions for us. So it is around the world. Billionaires decide for 300 million Americans. Five million Israeli Jews decide for four million Palestinians. One billion Chinese decide for six million Tibetans, nine million Uighurs. European Australians decide for aborigines. European Guatemalans decide for Mayans. On and on.

We the People are Shovel-Ready. God help us.
"These are the stakes:
To make a world in which
all of God's children can live,
or to go into the Dark.
We must either love each other,
or we must die."
— LBJ, 1964

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