Friday, December 5, 2008

Things We Need That We Don't Really Need

Sabretooth Mouse. I put this on the need side. Mouses jess don't have enough protection against cats.

Leaf blowers. Definitely a NO NEED. We have a leaf blower . . . wind. I see the guys blowing leaves into the street. Fifteen minutes later, it's back on the sidewalk. People worry about saving energy. Leaf blowers?

Things with more than 4 legs. Four legs is plenty. Ya got balance. Speed. Stability. What's six legs for? Eight? A thousand? That's crazy talk.

Cars. The world is too fast anyway. Then we give millions of people multi-ton murder machines. No cars.

Dinosaurs. On the need side. We need something that is really scary and big. I don't like scary and small. I can't hide from a spider.

Neanderthal people. On the need side. We need smart alternative hominans, somebody who "thinks different" for real.

Sea monkeys. Why don't we have any pets that really can take care of themselves? Dogs. Cats. Very nice. But they need care, attention.

Bamboo paper clothing. I hate doing laundry. Really hate it. But trees grow slow slow slowly. Bamboo is fast fast fast. Makes great paper. Let's have disposably bamboo paper clothing. Recycle the clothing to make paper.

On-writable desks and tables. My desk is covered with little sticky notes. People write on their desktop, placemat calendar. Let's make the desk on-writable, eraseable.

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