Wednesday, December 3, 2008

If It Walks Like a Duck . . .

Remember AIG? Got over $100 billion in government handouts because it was the "world's biggest insurer" and "too big to fail". Then there was a big stink because execs were having big, expensive shindigs in swank locations.

Then the sky fell. Andrew Cuomo threatened legal action. The AIG mongrels backed off — even said they would forgo their bonuses.

Now it turns out they are getting "cash awards" — up to $3 million per person.

Solution? Tax away all of their income and most of their assets. Try them on charges of treason and put them in prison. After all, the possibility of Dubai Ports World taking over management of an American port was widely called a threat to national security. The vile money-grubbing execs at AIG, Goldman, Citigroup have done far more to damage, even destroy, the United States.

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