Sunday, September 21, 2008

But the Titanic is Unsinkable!

What analogy best fits the current economic disaster and boondoggle?

Rome is good. The Visigoths sacked Rome almost 1600 years ago — AD 410. What did the Romans think as they witnessed the conquering hoards approaching? I imagine sheer disbelief. Incredulity. "But this is Rome. Rome! The greatest city of the greatest empire in the world!" And Rome fell.

Better, I think, is the Titanic, particularly for how the least fortunate were treated. In the middle of frigid, iceberg-thick waters, the Titanic steamed ahead full-speed. Even as the ship began to sink, people insisted, "But the Titanic is unsinkable!" Then, as the first class and some second class passengers boarded lifeboats, the poor — the steerage passengers — were physically barred from the boats.

We the People are the steerage. Ignored. Even disdained by the likes of Alan Greenspan, George W. Bush, John McCain.


Vicki said...

Keep up the good work.

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