Thursday, September 11, 2008

Palin on Palin

Where is Michael Palin when we need him? Perhaps he can clarify the baffling choice of Sarah Palin for VP. Sarah Palin is lying every which way she can. We need Michael to tell us:
  1. How are they related?
  2. Is Sarah part of a secret British attempt to re-invade the God-Fearing United States of America (G-FUSA)?
  3. Is G-FUSA being undermined by a terrorist contingent of right-wing Christian Fundamentalist book-hating bible thumpers?
  4. Where is The Holy Hand Grenade when we need it?
  5. And has Sarah Palin been alive since the Holy Inquisition after making a pact with Torquemada, first Inquisitor General of Spain?

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