Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gone to the Dogs

Obama and family have a real toughy with the dog thing. Imagine the announcement: "We've decided that we can't have a dog because of the allergy issues." BANG! The Headlines! "Obamas Don't Like AMERICA's PET"

The pet equivalent of the flag pin furore.

So they have to have a dog. It's mandated by appearances. BUT, if they choose a clearly hypo-allergenic Fido, PROBLEM!

The Peruvians (they are so thoughtful) have offered a hairless dog. Oh deah oh deah oh deah. Just won't do, just won't do, just won't do.

Where's the fluffy? The cuddly? Where're the big, round, doeful eyes? Where's the Disney, the Mickey?

The First Dog must be American Cute, brave, strong, but soft, kiddley cuddley. No snarling, drooling beast from Hell. No pitbulls, no German shepherds.

Border collie (oh yeah), Lassie (too prone to aggression), a terrier of some sort. Fala (scottish terrier), Checkers (american cocker spaniel), Millie (springer spaniel). Not too small (no neurotic chihuahuas).

1 comment:

michelle said...

i'm kinda rootin' for the goldendoodle. or a terrier or some sort. who doesn't love terriers?