Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sarah Palin and the Racist Death Threats Against Obama

Britain's Daily Telegraph (one of the more conservative papers there, but moderate by American standards) reports that the US Secret Service attributes the spike in death threats against Obama to Sarah Palin's race-baiting attacks.

What must be remembered, and what no major American media organization will dare say (especially since many take part in the phenomenon), is that racism is a key element of the standard American political tool kit. Hillary Clinton played the race card. And the list of Republicans doing so is nearly without limit: John McCain, Newt Gingrich, Tom Delay, Michelle Bachmann, Elizabeth Dole, Norm Coleman, Ted Stevens, and on and on. And this makes no mention of the right-wing pundits and talk show hosts who are even more brazen than the Republican officials (Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, and the most revolting — Mike Savage).
Sarah Palin blamed by the US Secret Service
over death threats against Barack Obama

Sarah Palin's attacks on Barack Obama's patriotism provoked a spike in death threats against the future president, Secret Service agents revealed during the final weeks of the campaign.
By Tim Shipman in Washington
Last Updated: 4:04PM GMT 08 Nov 2008

The Republican vice presidential candidate attracted criticism for accusing Mr Obama of "palling around with terrorists", citing his association with the sixties radical William Ayers.

The attacks provoked a near lynch mob atmosphere at her rallies, with supporters yelling "terrorist" and "kill him" until the McCain campaign ordered her to tone down the rhetoric.

But it has now emerged that her demagogic tone may have unintentionally encouraged white supremacists to go even further.

The Secret Service warned the Obama family in mid October that they had seen a dramatic increase in the number of threats against the Democratic candidate, coinciding with Mrs Palin's attacks.

Michelle Obama, the future First Lady, was so upset that she turned to her friend and campaign adviser Valerie Jarrett and said: "Why would they try to make people hate us?"

The revelations, contained in a Newsweek history of the campaign, are likely to further damage Mrs Palin's credentials as a future presidential candidate. She is already a frontrunner, with Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, to take on Mr Obama in four years time.

Details of the spike in threats to Mr Obama come as a report last week by security and intelligence analysts Stratfor, warned that he is a high risk target for racist gunmen. It concluded: "Two plots to assassinate Obama were broken up during the campaign season, and several more remain under investigation. We would expect federal authorities to uncover many more plots to attack the president that have been hatched by white supremacist ideologues."

Irate John McCain aides, who blame Mrs Palin for losing the election, claim Mrs Palin took it upon herself to question Mr Obama's patriotism, before the line of attack had been cleared by Mr McCain.


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