Thursday, October 9, 2008

The AudASSity of Hope — a word in progress, brought to you by The Last Leftist

Stay tuned. Today, my little droogies, we shall examine Barack Obama's promise to America. War, Environment, Health Care, and THE ECONOMY. Has Obama changed his tune to win votes, planning to be the politician he promised, or is he showing his true colors?

O, my fellow proles, I despair. Obama's proto-cabinet is thick with Clintonistas, the very people who gave us a substantial portion of this current collapse. Deregulators, privatizers all.


Austan Goolsbee — prof at U. of Chicago, the most rightwing economics department in the world, doesn't mean that he's a rightwinger, but he stridently opposes any single-payer solution to the health care crisis. After Obama made noises about the US opting out of NAFTA, it was Goolsbee who purportedly told Canadian officials that Obama was just waffling to please voters.

Robert Rubin — Clintonian, Goldman Sachs Co-Chair, Citigroup, Harvard economics BA. Was one of the leading deregulation advocates under Clinton. To more populist members of Clinton's economic team, Rubin said that the rich "are running the economy and make the decisions about the economy." Citigroup has been one of the hardest hit banks in the subprime mortgage crisis.

Jeffrey Liebman, Clintonian, prof. at Harvard (which university's business school can claim more of the idiots behind this the economic crash than any other). In the past has advocated privatizing social security.

David Cutler, another Harvard clone with an interest in health care. Very much in the muddle middle. E.g., “The rising cost … of health care has been the source of a lot of saber rattling in the media and the public square, without anyone seriously analyzing the benefits gained.” Or "Take a typical person aged 45. . . . They will spend $30,000 more over their lifetime caring for cardiovascular disease than they would have spent in 1950. And they will live maybe three more years because of it.”

Daniel Tarullo

Michael Froman

Karen Kornbluh — former Clintonian


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