Friday, October 3, 2008

The February Surprise (or Mind Your Vs and Ps)

According to John Nichols in The Nation, Katie Couric has released a bit more of her interview with Sarah Palin. (Why the hell she can't release the whole thing is anybody's guess. My guess is that the McCain Controllers are leaning on her and her masters.)

Couric evidently asked Palin which VPs she most admired.
"Palin's response? 'My goodness, I think those who have gone on to the presidency,' said the governor, without blinking."
Whoa, Nelly! Now, Nichols notes Nixon -- Eisenhower V who became P. And we all know where that went. (Palin promoted George H. W. Bush -- a one-termer. What's that about?)

BUT BUT BUT, my little droogies, let us consider that she speaketh in the context of McCain — aging, of indeterminate health, prone to heart-attack-provoking rages, psychotic, and terribly terribly terribly unsettled of mind (not unlike some others who shall remain unnam├ęd).

So let us consider some other Vs:
  • Harry Truman, ascended following DEATH of FDR
  • Lyndon Johnson, ascended following ASSASSINATION of JFK
  • Andrew Johnson, following ASSASSINATION of Lincoln
  • Chester Arthur, following ASSASSINATION of James Garfield
  • Theodore Roosevelt, following ASSASSINATION of William McKinley
  • John Tyler, following DEATH of William Henry Harrison
  • Millard Fillmore, following DEATH of Zachary Taylor
  • Calvin Coolidge, following DEATH of Warren Harding
O my little Droogies, do we see a pattern? What O What can dear Sarah be thinking?

Do the Republicons have a little plan? A February Surprise to follow the January 20th inauguration of a President McCain? Following the death of Henry VIII, Lady Jane Grey ruled England for all of nine days. How long does Sarah hope McCain will last?

Will he or won't he?

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