Friday, October 10, 2008

BBC: Monkey-Prez "vows to stabilise US economy"

Feel better? Irritated that your not-particularly-honorable ranter should denigrate monkeys? I agree. I irritate myself. An itch I can't scratch.

But the buffoon Bush remains. What are we to do? Here's a passage from the BBC:

President George W Bush has promised the American people the US government is working "aggressively" to restore stability to the economy.

Speaking from the White House, Mr Bush said recent market turmoil was being driven by "uncertainty and fear".

He spoke as world markets tumbled amid rising fears of a global recession, despite interest rate cuts and huge cash injections by central banks.

He also defended the recent $700bn (£410bn) rescue plan for Wall Street.

Mr Bush said the bail-out package he signed into law a week ago was big enough but added "it will take time to have its full impact".

Others have noted that the Bush blather closely resembles in style his lies following 9/11 and leading to war.

As for taking "time to have its full impact": Yes it will take time for the Republicans to totally annhilate the United States.

Sadly, I see little evidence that the Democrats will do much better. Check out Obama's economics team — almost entirely out of the Clinton deregulation/Greenspan cult.

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