Friday, October 10, 2008

Monkey-Prez Mockery

Time is rapidly running out to mock Monkey-Prez. After the election the only chance we may ever get will be during the trial of Bush for crimes against humanity. So we gotta strike while the iron is luke warm. Let us now consider our Glorious Leader.

Bush embraces that cowboy image. Well, let me tell you, I know cowboys. Cowboys are friends of mine. And Mr. Bush, you're no cowboy.

Consider, HAVE YOU EVER SEEN BUSH ACTUALLY RIDING A HORSE?! No. According to former Mexican President Vicente Fox, George is a-scared of horses. Now what kind of cowboy is that?

Bush also likes gettin' down with the troops. But see this guy off to the right? He's making sure that Monkey-Prez can actually complete his order. The problem? Baby Doc Bush doesn't like his greens.
And last, whom does His Gloriousness resemble here? Your Dishonorable Irritation says . . . Truman Capote! What do you think Bush would make of that?