Sunday, October 19, 2008

Truth Really Is Stranger

I thought I had outdone the braindead bigots of the McCain-Palin campaign, but here is proof otherwise. At a rally in Minnesota, an attendee with a placard comparing Obama to Charles Manson.

Try getting into a Republican rally of any kind with so much as a button questioning any aspect of Republicon bullshit and you'll be stopped. So there is no doubting that officials allowed this placard in. And clearly, from the video, neither Todd Palin nor Norm Coleman said a word in criticism.

Coleman is at left, Palin at mike. Coleman is arguably one of the stupidest people ever to occupy a senate seat, and you'd be surprised how stupid many of them are — or maybe you wouldn't. (And I don't mean stupid in some hollow, rhetorical sense. Many of these members are remarkably ill-informed, and incapable of grasping anything beyond the simplest ideas.)

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